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At Full Gospel Holy Temple - Nash, we have something for EVERYBODY! We believe that EVERYBODY is SOMEBODY and that everybody can help do a work for the Lord!

God has blessed our ministry to be comprised of various inner-ministries and auxiliaries that all work together for the same goal, for the furtherance of the Kingdom of God! We are truly a church for ALL people!

Joshua Generation Youth & Young Adult

Joshua Generation Youth & Young Adult Ministry is an exciting part of FGHT - Nash! Beginning at age 13 up to age 21, this ministry helps young people find their place in the ministry! We take trips and are always doing something fun! We believe that this generation is not the church of tomorrow, but the church of today! Join us!

Staff: Evangelist Jaylon Scott, Sis. Ashley Scott

God's Generation Children's Church

God's Generation Children's Church is an active part of Full Gospel Holy Temple - Nash. Beginning at age 4 up to age 12, children are taught the Word of God, on a level in which they can understand! Children's Church meets every 1st & 3rd Sunday Night @ 7:30 PM! We would love to have your children apart of this great wonderful ministry!

Staff: Evangelist Jaylon Scott, Sis. Melissa Kelley, Sis. Ashley Scott, & Sis. Krystal Gray

Music Ministry

The Music Ministry of FGHT - Nash is an integral and important part of the ministry! We have several groups within the Music Ministry: The Tabernacle Choir, The Mass Choir, Vessels of Purpose, Youth Mass Choir, God's Generation Children's Choir, The Resurrection Singers, Women of Zion Choir, Men of Excellence Chorus, Chozen, & the Angelic Voices! Come be apart of our dynamic Music Ministry!

Staff: Minister of Music Rodney Smith, President Jermia Cannon

Women Auxiliary

The Women Auxiliary of FGHT - Nash plays an important role in the church. This ministry is geared toward teaching women how to be holy women! Annually, the Women Auxiliary hosts the SOAR, our Women's Revival & Luncheon in September! It is open to all ladies of FGHT - Nash! The Women Auxiliary meets every 1st Sunday of each month at 6:30 PM.

Staff: Pastor Jacquelyn Cannon, Sis. Pamela Smith, & Min. Doris Green

Brotherhood Ministry

The Brotherhood Ministry plays a very important part of the ministry! We have an outstanding Brotherhood ministry, with some great men of God! The Brotherhood ministry aids in teaching men to be men! The Brotherhood Ministry meets every 1st Sunday of each month at 6:30 PM!

Staff: Elder Calvin Nard & Elder Tony Lawston

Evangelism/Outreach Ministries

The Evangelism/Outreach Ministry is one of the most important ministries of the church. This ministry is responsible for doing work outside of the "four walls" of the church to win souls and do a work for God! There are several groups within this ministry: 50K Souls Outreach Ministry, Helping Hands Food Pantry, Sowing Seeds For Christ Outreach Street Team, Nursing Home Ministry, & Jail/Prison Ministry. 

Staff: (50K Souls) Min. Jennifer Cannon; (Helping Hands) Bro. Corey & Sis. Melissa Kelley; (Sowing Seeds For Christ) Elder Calvin Nard, Elder Tony Lawston, Evang. Jaylon Scott, Evang. DeWayne Forte; (Nursing Home) Min. Bobbie Turner & Elder Tony Lawston

Print/Media Ministry

The Print/Media Ministry is responsible for all of the publications and publicity of the ministry! Every year, the printing department publishes magazines and brochures in full color! The media ministry is responsible for the live stream and the Living Word Telecast which airs each Sunday at 11:00 PM on KSHV My45!

Staff: Min. Carol Betts, Sis. Lashundra Kerrigan, Sis. Krystal Gray, Sis. Ashley Scott, Sis. Melissa Kelley, Sis. Jermia Cannon

Usher/Hospitality Ministry

The Usher/Hospitality Ministry has a very important role in the church; they are the first faces that our guest see! We have some phenomenal ushers, greeters, Nurse's Guild and hospitality workers. We have an Adult Usher Board and a Junior Usher Board!

Staff: Sis. Pamela Smith (Adult Usher Board), & Sis. Carolyn Woods (Junior Usher Board)

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